1. bigclass:

    On April 18 from 5:00-10:00, all delivery and pick up orders from Garage Pizza, Mid City PizzaPizza Delicious, and all Reginelli’s Pizzeria locations will feature poems by New Orleans writers ages 6-18.

    Each of our pizza partners has generously agreed to donate a portion of their proceeds to support Big Class’s free creative writing programs for under-resourced youth.

    Big Class is also excited to partner with Chapter 510, our fellow youth writing champions in Oakland, to make The Pizza Poetry Project a bridge from New Orleans to the Bay Area. Look out for our sticker on pizza boxes in Oakland at all five Lanesplitter Pizza locations and Rotten City Pizza.

    Share the poem you receive and your responses using #pizzapoetry on social media!

    Our official Pizza Poetry Project poster was co-designed by Big Class Open Studio student D’Andre Johnson (special thanks to Heather Muntzer, Julia Lavigne, and Carrie Chappell), inspired by his poem:


    Big Foot

    is black

    and hairy

    and 8 feet tall.

    His eyes are 10 inches wide

    Big Foot loves to ride ships

    and play in the park.

    He always gets pizza and eats donuts out

    of the candy machine.

    Big Foot’s friend is Homer Simpson

    They all have fun, be crazy, and


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  4. midcenturymodernfreak:

    Asian-Inspired Time Capsule!

    Modernism in Palos Verdes, CA - Via

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  5. enochliew:

    House for Trees by Võ Trọng Nghĩa Architects

    The aim is to return green space into the city, accommodating high-density dwelling with big tropical trees.

    (Source: votrongnghia.com, via ablognotaboutanimals)

  8. hideback:

    Stone Tracery in the Chapel Vaults

    Parish Church of Our Lady, Ingolstadt, Germany

    The incredible, deceptively delicate stone vaults of Parish Church of Our Lady were sculpted by the Rottaler family in the 15th and 16th Century. 

    Photos: Courtauld Institute of Art

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  9. Walker Evans, Brooklyn Bridge, New York, 1929

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  11. fuckyeahabandonedplaces:

    The McGavin’s Bread Basket factory. In Winnipeg, Manitoba.

    By Dandy Denial 

    (flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/deesquared)

    (tumblr: www.digitaldenial.tumblr.com)

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  14. arqsa:


    maximum use of minimum space…

    the Transformer Apartment by Vlad Mishin [(design-milk.com)]

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  15. cabinporn:

    Treehouse in Brno, Czech Republic.

    Contributed by Joseph Lee.